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Our mission is to help detect the next phishing attack targeting your business.

We already help protect more than 350 businesses by alerting them to the registration of possible phishing domains, sign up and we'll help you do the same.

Step 1 - select a plan

Single-domain plans

Perfect for managing a small portfolio of domains

  • Email alerts within 24 hours of a new A or MX record being registered for a domain similar to yours (example single-domain alert).
  • Optional alerting for A record updates and deletions.
  • Country-level geolocation on all new or updated DNS A records.
  • RSS feed of all A & MX record registrations and all A record updates and deletions.
  • new JSON API exposing current alerts and all resolved domains across your portfolio.
(16% saving)
All prices USD. Savings compared to individual monthly subscription.

Multi-domain plans

Simplified alerting and billing for larger domain portfolios

  • Everything in single-domain plans, except RSS feeds, for a significantly reduced price.
  • Alerts aggregated in a once-daily email (example email).
  • Single invoice covers all monitored domains.
  • Add to or edit your monitored domains at any time.
(43% saving)
(65% saving)
(80% saving)
(85% saving)
All prices USD. Savings compared to same number of individual annual subscriptions.
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Step 2 - enter your domains

Enter one domain per line.

You can add as many domains as your plan allows now, or after sign up, and you can edit this list at any time.

Step 3 - sign up

To make sure you can receive your email alerts your payment details are not collected until after you have received a confirmation email.

Your email address will never be used for anything other than sending you subscription verifications, alerts and subscription-related correspondence for the domain(s) you subscribe to. Our privacy statement.

You can change these settings at any point after subscription creation.