Our mission is to help detect the next phishing attack targeting your business.

Our volume subscriptions are targeted at those businesses managing larger domain portfolios or intellectual property and phishing risk on behalf of their clients.
Only need to manage a couple of domains? Try our individual subscriptions options.
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Your domains

One domain per line. You can add to or update this list again after subscription creation, but you must enter at least one domain now.

Your details

These settings are enabled by default to reduce noise from your notifications but you can change them after subscription creation if you prefer.

To make sure you can receive our alert emails your payment details are not collected until after you have received a confirmation email.

What do you get with your subscription?

You'll receive an email within 24 hours of a DNS A or MX record being registered for any domain similar to your selection.

Here's an example of one of those emails

If you choose to enabled the setting, you'll also be alerted if a similar domain changes or unregisters its A record.

Volume subscriptions do not yet come with an RSS feed of all alerts, but we're working on that!

The fine print

You can cancel your subscription at any time but cancelling your subscription will not result in a pro-rata refund. You can not change the size of your subscription after creation.

Your subscription option covers up to a fixed number of domains. The subscription cost is not reduced if you configure less than that number of domains.

Your email address will never be used for anything other than sending you subscription verifications, alerts and subscription-related correspondence for the domain(s) you subscribe to.

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