dnstwister was created in late 2015 by Robert Wallhead as an open-source effort to greatly broaden the audience for Marcin Ulikowski's frankly awesome dnstwist DNS typo-squatting algorithm. dnstwister was designed to allow users who may not have the experience, skills or interest to run a Python application to still gain the ability to quickly scan broad DNS namespaces for "similar" typo-squatted domains.

Started as a pure DNS A-record search engine, in 2016 dnstwister added email subscriptions to allow users to be alerted within 24 hours of "similar" domains being registered.

In late 2019 the codebase shifted to Python 3 and in 2020 dnstwister broadened it's capabilities again to include DNS MX record lookups, RSS/Atom alert feeds and a RESTful alerts API for subscribers.

Whilst the code that supports us running dnstwister as a web-scale SaaS offering is no longer open source, the core algorithm shared with the original dnstwist will always be and dnstwister wouldn't exist without both that and these contributors and open source projects - thank you!